Greater Boston Dental Center in Watertown, MA  – Everything in a Small Office that Feels like Home.

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Our office presents as a relaxing homelike environment – in fact our clinic is located in the converted first floor of a two family building. You’ll feel comfortable as soon as you arrive.  Dr. Strokowski, Dr. Biebuyck, Dr. Roque , Dr. Guo and our hygienists perform any needed procedure – from routine family dentistry to complex reconstructions – quickly and efficiently; 98% off all appointments are exactly on time.  Doctor-to-doctor communication is clear and precise, and all doctors share a common philosophy of conservative practical care.  Prevention is strongly emphasized.

Trust us to find the most practical and cost-effective treatment for you.  Need a second opinion or treatment cost estimate? Please call for a no-cost no-obligation visit.  Need routine care? Please call, new patients are welcomed with open arms!