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Our office presents as a relaxing environment for our patients, you’ll feel comfortable as soon as you arrive. Our experienced doctors Dr. Strokowski, Dr. Biebuyck or Dr. Roque and hygienists perform any needed procedure quickly and efficiently as we see one patient at a time. We offer family dentistry to complex dental rehabilitation cases centrally in one office. Doctor-to-doctor communication is clear and precise, and all doctors share a common philosophy of conservative practical care. We strongly emphasize on preventing oral disease, with clear instruction on hygiene techniques. We offer monthly payment plans with 0% financing and work with you and your insurance to maximize your coverage.

Conservative philosophy: Trust us to find the most practical and cost-effective treatment for you. Everything in a small professional office that feels like home.

We Specialize in Dental Implants

Our specialists Dr. Strokowski and Dr. Biebuyck work together to place Dental Implants and restored thousands since 1996.

We enjoy what we do!