Snap-On Smile™

Replacement For Patients Missing All Upper or Lower Teeth

Snap-On Smile™ is a custom fabricated full arch cosmetic appliance which snaps over the entire set of upper teeth. (A lower can be fabricated as well if esthetics dictate.)

A trained dentist’s precise impression produces an exact model which a proprietary laboratory (Den-Mat ™, in business over 40 years) uses to construct the appliance using 3D imaging and software directed CAD-CAM mill, cutting the entire appliance from a single “puck” of acrylic.

After adjustment by the dentist, the patient acclimates to the appliance; in a few days, it’s typically no more noticeable than a pair of glasses.

Before and After

PROS of Snap-On Smile™

  • Dramatic smile restoration for relatively low cost: A full upper or lower set of crowns or veneers can cost $12,000 – $18,000, requiring extensive treatment over 6-9 months. A single arch Snap-On Smile is $1299, completed in only two visits without anesthesia. No insurance coverage is available for Snap-On Smile.
  • Perfect for last minute instant full smile restorations: Wedding pictures coming up, or an important interview? An instant smile restoration can be life changing.
  • Completely noninvasive: Porcelain veneers or crowns permanently and irreversibly damage the teeth, as placement involves stripping enamel from the front 8 or 10 teeth, turning them into “stumps”; the porcelain restorations are then cemented over the “stumps”. “You can’t divorce them”, i.e. a porcelain restoration placed at age 40 will likely need replacement at age 60, age 80 etc. Snap-On Smile, on the other hand, is completely flexible. It can be worn just for a few years, then discarded – the teeth underneath remain untouched.

CONS of Snap-On Smile™

  • Snap-On Smile™ is cosmetic and should not be mistaken for oral disease treatment. Though your mouth will look 100% better, any tooth decay or gum disease will remain unaffected.
  • Snap-On Smile™ isn’t appropriate for all patients. Since it covers the teeth completely, some bulk is added to the upper front teeth. Patients with naturally prominent teeth will find the added bulk unaesthetic – “now my front teeth really stick out”. The best candidates are patients with retruded front teeth that are somewhat hidden on a wide smile. Snap-On Smile will enhance the profile of these patients, resulting in a nice full natural arch form and superb esthetics.
  • Bite position and speech alteration: Depending on orthodontic profile, the patient may chew in a different position from normal, as the back teeth may strike the appliance. Speech can also be temporarily affected. The majority of patients adjust successfully, however. With daily chewing use, the appliance should last 3-5 years. If just worn cosmetically it will last indefinitely.

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