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The Importance Of Dental Health To Overall Health

“Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond.”~Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote, 1605

“Ignore your teeth and they’ll go away”,  Uncertain

At Greater Boston Dental prevention is an integral part of our overall philosophy, highly emphasized during routine visits. Oral hygiene, specifically brushing, flossing and twice yearly professional cleanings, are critical to long term dental health.

Reminder: Tooth decay and gum disease are not eradicated, in fact secondary to colds, they are by far the most common diseases affecting mankind today.  In most areas of the world (and many in the USA) prevention is non-existent and most/all teeth are lost by age 50; dentures are commonplace. Fortunately modern prevention virtually insures the retention of  teeth forever. 

Thus with regular dental care the vast majority (over 97%) of people can expect to keep almost all their teeth for a lifetime; between 2-9 teeth will be lost due to attrition. These can be replaced with implants. The goal of negative occlusal  sense, the clinical term for “I don’t notice my teeth, I can chew everything and smile”, is achieved without dentures for virtually everyone who visits regularly and observes reasonable home hygiene.

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Our mission is a warm, unrushed environment where patients feel secure. Questions are encouraged, as every patient has different needs – we understand. Our dentists and hygienists see just one patient at a time.

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