Bonded Ceramic Restorations Watertown MA

We highly recommend bonded ceramicas the best overall choice for most dental restorations.

What are bonded ceramics?

Bonded ceramicsare porcelain and porcelain-like materials which will last a lifetime. They are cemented to tooth structure usingmodern bonding technology, producing a restored tooth which can easily last a lifetime. Other filling materials such as silver and white
composite (which are basically hard plastic) are short term, generally lasting 6-12 years. Constant replacement of these fillings is damaging totooth structure. Bonded ceramics, which are beautiful and do not stain, are the most practical and cost effective long term restorations.
COSTS: A bonded ceramic restoration costs between $600-$800 depending on its size. A corresponding silver or white plastic filling costs $200-$350. Insurance generally covers 50% of the costs. We will be happy to estimate insurance coverage and provide an exact cost for any bonded ceramic restorations.