Smile Gallery from Greater Boston Dental and Implant Center

Full Fixed Reconstruction for Former Denture Wearer

This patient lost all his teeth at an early age and was never comfortable with dentures.  In a collaborative effort, Dr. Biebuyck and Dr. Strokowski restored function and aesthetics by designing and placing a complete set of new crowns supported by implants.

*Implants: Jean-Marie Biebuyck DMD
*Prosthetics: Mark Strokowski DMD

Emergency Tooth Replacement

This patient arrived for an emergency appointment after losing a tooth in an accident.  By 2PM the next day, a precision appliance had been placed. The patient was very happy with the esthetics and low cost. 

Before:  Incisor Lost in Accident
After:  One Day Later

Direct Veneers on 6 Upper Front Teeth 

Single Visit, Dr. Brad Mattison DMD