At-HOme BleachinG

In cosmetic dentistry today there are three major approaches to a new smile. Bleaching, the application of hydrogen peroxide to chemically remove stain,   direct veneers, the application of a plastic like material termed composite resin, and porcelain veneersthe application of thin fingernail-like porcelain coatings. Bleaching will be discussed here, click on these links for direct veneers and porcelain veneers for a full explanation of those methods.

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How does bleaching work?

Bleaching teeth with peroxide is a common dental procedure used to whiten and brighten the appearance of teeth. The active ingredient in most dental bleaching products is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These compounds work by breaking down and removing surface and deep stains on the teeth, resulting in a lighter shade.

At home bleaching is simple and  non-invasive. Impressions are taken and custom fitting thin flexible trays are pressure molded for both upper and lower arches. The trays are filled with a high concentration peroxide gel and worn for a prescribed amount of time, typically 30 min a day for 3 days. 

Unfortunately  dramatic results with at-home bleaching are unlikely. Any whitening  fades within months, so the method must be repeated, typically every three months. What at-home bleaching can do, in reality:

1   Somewhat whiten teeth for an important occasion such as a wedding.

2   If a patient is motivated and can truly repeat the “30 for 3”, ie 30 minutes a day for three days every three months, they will significantly reduce the typical fading and staining of their teeth over their lifetime. We have a few patients who maintain this schedule and love the results. This is the true benefit of at home bleaching, but a patient must be motivated to do it.

The method is very cost effective, currently $239 in our office for the construction of trays and 6 months of bleach. The trays can be worn indefinitely and a 6 month supply of bleach is only $20.

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