All on 4 Reconstructions

Dental Implants illustration

An overdenture is any  full arch prosthesis which is directly fixed to remaining tooth roots or implants. When all teeth in an arch have been lost,  a common reconstruction is to place 4  well-spaced implants, which then support a full arch prosthesis.  All on 4 is the common name for this restoration. Full function and esthetics are beautifully restored as the position of the prosthesis in relation to remaining bone and soft tissue is precisedly controlled, restoring a youthful smile. As the prosthesis is fully anchored to the underlying bone, full chewing ability is achieved.  The results are nothing short of life changing as social confidence and self-esteem is improved significantly. 

At Greater Boston Dental our team of specialists will provide the care needed for this complex restoration in one easy-to-navigate setting. All dental insurances are accepted, and in many cases medical insurance can absorb a significant percentage of the costs. Please call us anytime at (617) 924-7301 for a complimentary consultation and cost estimate. We love performing these cases and it would be our pleasure to help you!