Sedation Dentistry

Everyone is a little nervous about dental treatment, don’t worry! Prescribing an appropriate anti-anxiety medication (such as Valium) can make any dental visit pleasant. We make every effort to treat patients in a comforting and stress-free environment.

Premedication with an anti-anxiety medication is by far the most practical way to manage dental anxiety. There is no extra charge. The patient must have a driver or go home by taxi after Valium® premedication, even though they will likely feel capable of driving. Full sedation (“going to sleep”) is expensive, impractical and unnecessary for the vast majority of patients.

Dont Let Fear Or Anxiety Get In The Way Of Good Dental Health!

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Greater Boston Dental Center

5 out of 5 stars based on 54 Sedation Dentistry reviews

Patient Testimonial By Judy N

I recently had a root canal done by Dr Roque. It could not have gone better. He really knows his stuff and he was kind and professional as well. I'm grateful to have been placed in his care for a procedure that no one looks forward to.

- Judy N

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Patient Testimonial By Bob N

My dad was a dentist and I've been to a few since he retired. This place is the closest in feeling to what I was used to. Great folks, respectful and responsible and friendly.

- Bob N

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Patient Testimonial By Rick W

I am happy to have known Dr. Mark for over 3 decades. He's a very thoughtful man and talented dentist who has taken great care of my teeth. His staff are wonderful and welcoming. Dr. Guo did excellent restorative work on my front teeth. Both pre-pandemic and during the pandemic, Dr. Mark and his staff have been there for me. I feel safe and in good hands. If you are looking for a dental practice that truly cares about you and your needs, I highly recommend this one. 5 Stars!

- Rick W

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Patient Testimonial By Ann T

Dr. Strokowski made arrangements to see me when I had an emergency. He was attentive and knowledgeable about what needed to be done, and had the patience to explain the situation to me, and then again to my husband. I feel very confident in his expertise.

- Ann T

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Patient Testimonial By Talene C

Everyone at Greater Boston Dental Center was considerate and attentive to my child's needs. My son had a great first experience at the dentist's office and cannot wait to see "Dr. Mark" again! Thank you!

- Talene C

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Patient Testimonial By Jie C

Great Services

- Jie C

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Patient Testimonial By David S

Despite being a first time client, when I had a dental emergency, Dr. Mark was extremely responsive and accommodating. I explained what I assumed was the problem given my history and symptoms, and although it was something Dr. Mark doesn’t do, he was happy to refer me to someone he thought could help. As it turned out, there was something entirely different going on and the referred dentist was unable treat me. I called Dr. Mark back. He asked me a few follow up questions, was able to immediately identify what the issue was, recognized it was not a minor problem, and asked me to come in right away. He was professional, efficient, and kind, and truly went above and beyond.

- David S

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Patient Testimonial By Nicole K

Dr. Strokowski and dental hygenists have been wonderful to work with over the past few years. Always friendly, professional, and thorough. Would recommend to anyone!

- Nicole K

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Patient Testimonial By Ana A

Dr. Mark took the time to explain in detail every step of the procedure while doing it which was really helpful to me. He was direct to the point in his work and very pleasant to chat with. The appointment was very timely, and the environment very friendly and familiar.

- Ana A

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Patient Testimonial By Lisa H

I have been a patient of Dr. Strokowski practically my whole life. I was actually a patient of Dr. Tanner before him. Dr. Strokowski is an excellent dentist that I would recommend to everyone. He is very knowledgeable, personable and caring. He takes the time to explain procedures to me and I totally trust him with the care of my teeth. Over the years I've needed care for a variety of dental work such as fillings, root canals, crowns and I've never felt pain or been uncomfortable while under his care. I recently had some work done with Dr. Biebuyck who is also very excellent! My children are also patients of Dr. Strokowski and have been very pleased with his care. I couldn't be happier with his hygienist (my boys loved Eileen) they are always so gentle and kind. One time my son got hit in the mouth with an iPod and chipped his front tooth and Mark took him right away and fixed it up as good as new. He was very pleased being a teenager and conscious of his smile! Nancy is lovely too. She always greets us with a friendly smile and is very accommodating when it comes to booking appointments. I'm so glad she sends postcard reminders!

- Lisa H

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Patient Testimonial By Victor P

He really knows what's good for your teeth and will work with you to get you there.

- Victor P

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Patient Testimonial By Judith E

I am a very grateful and pleased new patient. Dr. Strokowski saw me immediately although I was not yet his patient and provided incredibly conscientious treatment and explanations. I am also very grateful for easy and immediate telephone contact.

- Judith E

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Patient Testimonial By Robert M

I had an impacted wisdom tooth that was causing severe pain, I have not been to a dentist in many years Dr. Strokowski saw me immediately made an assessment of my general dental health and set up an appointment for the removal of the wisdom tooth and had it removed the next morning. I had stopped going to dentist's year's ago from bad experiences with dentist's, but I have decided because of the really good treatment I received I will be returning to this dentist for some much needed dental work.

- Robert M

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Patient Testimonial By Peter B

Over the many years Dr Mark has been my dentist he is truly a gifted and caring person. He has saved me considerable expense via the lowest cost and highest quality necessary procedures. I would not hesitate recommending him to anyone desiring an excellent dentist.

- Peter B

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Patient Testimonial By Mark i

Very professional and personalized service. Highly recommended

- Mark i

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Patient Testimonial By Shabana A

I am visiting Dr. Mark Strokowski since last six years. He is a thoughtful, wise and reasonable doctor in town. I am happy with the dental procedures done so far esp Implant, crowns, root canal and dental fillings. I appreciate the whole staff for being so professional and caring especially Nancy the receptionist, They make you feel like a home. I will highly recommend to anyone.

- Shabana A

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Patient Testimonial By Gale D

I have been a patient at this dental office for the past 53 years. I came as a patient of Dr. Tanner at the age of eleven. I relocated to another town and commuted 25 miles when I married. I have had extensive dental procedures over the years from fillings to crowns and now dental implants. Dr. Strokowski has always been there for me whenever I have had an emergency situation. He has even seen me on his off hours. He will return your call immediately if you leave him a message. Dr. Biebuyck is a perfectionist also. I am currently on my ninth dental implant and have never had any issues whatsoever. They are top notch professionals who do a tremendous job!!! I give Sensible Dental of Watertown FIVE STARS!!! Why wouldn't I? I keep coming back.

- Gale D

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Patient Testimonial By Anonymous A

I have been a patient of Dr. Mark Strokowski for about 15 years and cannot emphasize how professional he is and the high level of care he provides to his patients. He is a dentist who believes in preserving the teeth and never ever will propose any work that is not in the best interest of the patient first. His patients are his priority. I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to be his patient for so many years. I worry that if he ever retires...

- Anonymous A

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Patient Testimonial By Anthony D

I have been going to Dr. Strokowski for many years. He and his staff members are very friendly and professional, the office is impeccably maintained, it is easy to get appointments, and appointments always run on time.

- Anthony D

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Patient Testimonial By Katie T

I've been seeing Dr. Strokowski for nearly 8 years, and I have left every appointment feeling that my concerns have been heard and understood. Dr. Strokowski and his team are professional, personable, and always willing to educate their patients about the health of their teeth and gums. They are excellent about giving recommendations for resolving existing issues and identifying and advising about potential future problems. And never once have I felt pushed into an unnecessary procedure; from imaging to fillings to (most recently) a night guard, I have always understood and been 100% on board with the treatment plan!

- Katie T

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