Smile Makeovers

A nice smile is a necessity.  Regardless of how much you face the public, discomfort with your smile will affect your entire self-image. In all but the briefest social situations, it’s nearly impossible to hide an unsightly smile. Its effect on job promotions is difficult to quantify, but it’s certainly not a positive.

Modern dentistry affords a huge array of dental esthetic options, many of them remarkably affordable. Often major life changing smile transformations are available at minor cost – it just takes a practical office with experience and knowledge of the options. At Greater Boston Dental, we love the good feeling of surprising patients with a great smile they never thought they could afford.

As an efficient group practice, Greater Boston Dental accepts all insurance plans and realizes that cost control is essential. Call us at Greater Boston Dental Phone Number 617-924-7301 for a complimentary examination and cost estimate. With our 0% financing plan, you’ll be surprised at how affordable a great smile can be.

  Typical techniques used in Smile Makeovers: